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Product Information

Key Handler – Software to track keys

Key Handler enables you to effortlessly book keys in and out, reserve keys and perform stock checks. It’s a simple and cost-effective software solution for tracking and managing all your keys. The system can utilise barcode technology to increase its ease of use, but works very efficiently without it too.

Key Handler is ideal for a wide range of business including letting agents, estate agents, property management companies, holiday park owners, car rental firms, marina management teams, office blocks, schools and retail parks. It is perfect for any business that handles lots of sets of keys that are booked in and out to your staff, clients and maintenance teams.

So how does it work?

Well let’s imagine you are a letting agent and you need to book out a set of keys to Mr Jones, the plumber, to check the boiler at 23 Station Villas.

  1. Go to the book out screen and select Mr Jones from the list of key handlers
  2. Search for 23 station villas to display the availability of keys
  3. Fetch the keys using hook location details displayed on screen
  4. Modify the date and time the selected keys are due back if necessary and optionally print a key receipt. Give the keys to Mr Jones
  5. When Mr Jones returns the keys, simply select them at the book in screen and hang them back up. Alternatively scan the key fob barcode from any screen in Key Handler to automatically book them in
  6. You could then reserve the keys for Mr Jones for Tuesday-Thursday next week because he needs to go back to install a new boiler
  7. On Friday your colleague can check the ‘overdue keys list’ and, if the keys for 23 Station Villas are overdue, they will know immediately who has them and their contact details

It’s as simple as that

You won’t waste hours leafing through your book/card system and making phone calls trying to identify who has the keys.

If you choose not to use a barcode scanner, just select Mr Jones’ name from a list or type in his name. You can just select the appropriate keys from a list too.

Find out more

You can find out more by reading the following PDFs or please contact us with any questions.