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Designing labels

Label design screen

Use the Labels screen to design your own labels for each key owner type and key handlers (if required.)


To design a label you need to select the Label type (e.g. key owner) then specify the label size and layout (Layout) and finally add the items to print on the label. You can also modify many properties for the label and items including size, rotation, font and colour.

  • Click on the button to save the current label design.
  • Click on the button to undo the changes and load the last label design.


The Toolbar is located at the top of the screen and is used to specify type, size, colour and items included on labels.

The Toolbar is divided into four panels:

  • Label type: Use the drop down list to select either key handlers or the key owner type that you wish to design labels for.
  • Layout: Specify the label size and layout by either selecting an existing label sheet from the drop down list or by creating a new label sheet definition. You can also specify a background colour for your labels.
  • Insert: The insert panel allows you to choose which items you wish to add to your label. Items include all the fields configured for the selected Label type, images, ID barcode and text boxes.
  • Zoom: This panel controls the size of the label displayed on the screen.


This list, displayed in the top right hand corner, shows the items that you have chosen to include on your label. You can either select an item in the list or click on the same item displayed in the image of the label to access the item to alter its properties. The full range of options available for a selected item is explained below under the section ‘Actions’.

  • Click on the button to remove all existing items from the list and the label.


The Properties panel is located on the right hand side of the screen and you use this to modify various settings for a selected label item. The properties that you can alter depends upon the type of item selected and are different for images, barcodes, text and data fields.

*You can choose whether you want to include data field captions. In the example ID 12345678, ‘ID’ is the caption.


You can select, move and remove items as described below.


It is possible to select items in two ways:

  1. Directly from the displayed image of the label by clicking on the item.
  2. Clicking on the item in the Items on label list.


To move an item simply drag and drop it in its new position.

  • If you move an item such that any part of it is outside of the label area the item will be automatically removed.


It is possible to remove items in two ways:

  1. Drag an item off the label and drop it.
  2. Clicking on the button next to the item in the Items on label list.
    • Click on the button to remove all existing items.

View a video of the label design feature on youtube www.youtube.com/v/YhcLEu01BU

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