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Booking out

book out screen The Book out screen displays all available keys and their status. Keys that there are already booked out or are unavailable for other reasons (i.e. location) are displayed in a disabled state.

Booking out a key

Booking out a key requires two steps:
  • The Book out process may be easier if a barcode reader is used.
  • If you are using the Locations feature the location of the selected keys will be automatically set to the same location as the logged in user when they book the keys out. If you have access to multiple locations then make sure you have the correct default location before booking out any keys
    • Click on or scan the key handler who is going to take away the keys.
      • You can also add key handlers using the button. This button will only be displayed if you have permission to add key handlers.
    • Click on or scan the key(s) that you want book out.
      • Notice it is possible to change the default due back date clicking on button. The key will be considered overdue if not booked in by that date. You can tick the box Unspecified date time tick box graphic to mark the key as booked out indefinitely.
      • You can enter text directly into the comment area comment icon of the selected row. This feature is especially useful if you are booking keys out to a generic key handler (i.e. tenant) and wish to add extra details. Comments are searchable.
      • Click on a key to remove it from the Selected keys list.
    • Press confirmation image button to book out all keys that are in the Selected keys list to the Selected key handler.
      • If any key has been previously reserved for another key handler and the due back date overlaps the reservation date, a message box will be shown to remove the key from the list or cancel the reservation.

View a video of the booking out feature on youtube www.youtube.com/v/IjwYs8NRipk

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