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Key Management Features

Key Features

Key Handler has many features that will help you to easily track your keys:

  • Available as single user or multi user versions
  • Incorporates bar codes if required
  • Fully configurable data fields
  • Pre-configured key owner types include Property, Cars, Boats, Caravans and Chalets
  • Two additional user definable key owner types available
  • Allows multiple key bunches per key owner
  • Data import option
  • Locations facility supports multiple offices and departments
  • User specific permissions controls who can do what
  • Flexible ‘drag and drop’ label designer
  • Support for standard size and custom definable label sheets and rolls
  • Rapid booking in and booking out of keys
  • Key reservation facility
  • Overdue keys screen and report
  • On-screen help
  • Setup and configuration wizard
  • Backup and restore menu
  • Automatic program updates
  • Key finder screen to quickly determine who has the keys
  • Filter as you type search box
  • Pop-up history box for keys and key handlers
  • Key movement reports customisable by date and key handler
  • Stock check facility for keys