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Making key management simple

Easy–to-use software to track and manage keys

Wouldn’t it be great to have a hassle free method for managing all the sets of keys that you are responsible for?

Imagine having a system that could free you from the frustrating and time-consuming search for keys. You can leave your book or card process behind and use a really efficient solution.

How will Key Handler help you every day?

  • Save time with an easy-to-use system for booking keys in and out
  • Easily identify who has handled keys and which are overdue
  • Enable you to reserve keys for people for a specified time
  • Save money by knowing who to bill for replacement keys and locks
  • Speed up stock takes by simply scanning all your keys or stock list
  • Design and print smart branded labels for all your sets of keys

Key Handler is an inexpensive key tracking software solution with no on-going maintenance costs or license fees. It can utilise simple barcode technology to make life even easier.

Letting agents and other businesses are already benefitting from it - read what they say.